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July 2024

Navigating the Complexities of Private Equity Acquisitions in Family Businesses

Private equity (PE) investments in family-run businesses are fraught with

complexities due to the intrinsic nature of these entities and their deeply embedded family legacies.

July 2024

Navegando pelas Complexidades das Aquisições de Private Equity em Empresas Familiares

Investimentos de private equity (PE) em empresas familiares estão cheios de complexidades devido à natureza intrínseca dessas entidades e aos seus legados familiares profundamente enraizados. 


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What's next? Interviews

Le carte vincenti dei manager del lusso 

Private Equity Monitor 2023

M&A Strategy

Our growth is underpinned globally by the hiring of high caliber professionals and by a structured m&a activity.

Our mission is to serve private equity clients with the same high professional standards in every international market, becoming a trusted advisor and a reference point for executive search services on HR organisational issues.

The executive search industry is extremely fragmented and we aim to become  a magnet for consolidation.

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