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If you are surfing our website you are probably in needs of human capital advisory for your organisation or for yourself. 

Please do not hesitate to write to one of our Partners or Consultants and seek for specific advice. You can find their emails in the Partners’ section of this site. We are here to assist you and we will do our best, and more, to fulfill your needs with a solid answer and a concrete solution. Your needs are our priority and the reason why we exist as a global executive search firm. We are proud and committed to be Di Luccia & Partners at your disposal!

What differentiates us

With many of us having a background in strategy consulting, we manage to define the key characteristics od most of the roles and profiles sought, with deeper understanding of the profile required. We bring a deep network of senior finance and consulting executives that sets us apart from other search companies.

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To become a head hunter is not something someone thinks about as a next career move. It is often out of the radar screen when we are looking for a professional next step. Well, it is the best job in life. And it is a job we can do for the rest of our life. There are several benefits from our job...


Thank you so much for having visited our web site. We hope you found it interesting. If you have comments or questions please do not hesitate to contact one of the Partners or the Consultants at their email address. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Di Luccia & Partners Executive Search Team

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