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Laura Ghislandi


She is a human resources professional with over 20 years of experience. Starting her career in a consultancy firm, she transitioned into management roles within dynamic and prestigious multinational companies in the Luxury/Retail/Jewelry sector. Throughout her career, she has been dedicated to defining and implementing talent acquisition strategies and fostering talent development to enhance individual performance.

As a cross-functional professional, she has demonstrated her ability to translate business challenges into innovative, people-centric solutions, fostering trust, engagement, and positive impacts within organizations. She firmly believes in unlocking the hidden potential within each individual to achieve comprehensive success. Currently, she leverages her extensive experience to cultivate meaningful relationships with a profound impact on people.

Her personal approach is characterized by transparent and open communication, an empathetic demeanor, and a strong aptitude for active listening, all of which contribute to building trust, respect, and mutual growth.

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