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Alessandra Merolli


Partner with 20+ years of experience in Human Capital and Talent Acquisition & Development.
Prior to joining Di Luccia & Partners, Alessandra worked for 15 years at McKinsey & Company between Verona, Milan and London, covering a number of different roles in HR. She was then appointed Head of CEO Staff Functions in Intesa SanPaolo, reporting directly to the CEO, afterwards Head of Organization and HR Development at SAVE Group, the managing company of Marco Polo airport in Venice – the third intercontinental hub in Italy -, finally Chief People Officer at Archiva Group, leader in Italy in digital preservation technologies. Alessandra holds a certification as manager for sustainability and has extensive experience in ESG issues, particularly in the field of social sustainability, diversity and inclusion and organizational well-being. The long journey in human resources that she carried out with empathy and great ethical integrity have naturally led her to be particularly experienced for her mentorship and career development advisor skills.
Alessandra holds a degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures from the University of Trento. She has obtained a High-Level Certification as an Expert in Human Resources Management from AIV. Additionally, Alessandra holds two certifications from RINA Services, one as an Innovation Manager and the other as a Sustainability Manager.

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